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With the global move to online events, the regional South African meetups for our beloved programming language are joining forces into one national platform! Come join us for informative talks on PHP and related web technologies, meet developers from around the country and be part of our community. All skill levels and backgrounds are welcome.

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April 29 2021: The different stages to learning to deploy codeTim Haak

Tim Haak


Have you been wondering how to deploy your code to the internet yourself without having to pay for things like Laravel Forge?

Well, then this talk is for you. I’ll be covering different stages of learning how to deploy your code.

Starting how to start simply not knowing anything.

Progressing through automating the initial steps.

Finally covering how to deploy to a Kubernetes cluster.

I’ll cover the Pros and Cons of the different stages, and hopefully, covering the path you’ll need to go from not knowing anything to eventually mastering deployment.

The talk will be more high level but a git repository with code for each step will be given during the talk.


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If you're looking to get more involved in the PHP South Africa Meetup we are always looking for volunteers and speakers. The best place to reach us is on the ZA Tech Slack. Come lurk in the #php channel or bug @nik

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